Monday 18 November

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Ford Mustang Mach-E: watch the live stream at 9PM ET · 1 day ago

TikTok's owner may be readying a streaming music service · 1 day ago

Apple releases iOS 13.2.3 with more background app improvements, Mail fixes, more · 7 hours ago

Integration and Monopoly · 11 hours ago

Sunday 17 November

Firefox’s fight for the future of the web · 2 days ago

Google Pixel 4 review—Overpriced, uncompetitive, and out of touch · 1 day ago

Chrome, Edge, Safari hacked at elite Chinese hacking contest · 2 days ago

HP Inc. Board of Directors Rejects Xerox’s Takeover Bid · 1 day ago

Microsoft sends a new kind of AI processor into the cloud · 2 days ago

Saturday 16 November

Microsoft is killing off its Cortana app for iOS and Android in January · 2 days ago

Supreme Court to take up Google's appeal in copyright case · 3 days ago

You Promised Me Mars Colonies but I Got Facebook · 2 days ago

Password management firm 1Password raised $200M Series A from Accel · 2 days ago

Apple's New MacBook Pro, New Lobbyist, and New Credit Card Problem · 2 days ago

Friday 15 November

MacBook Pro teardown confirms the new keyboard is basically just the old, good keyboard · 3 days ago

Apple to remove vaping apps from its App Store · 4 days ago

D-Wave sticks with its approach to quantum computing · 3 days ago

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales has quietly launched a Facebook rival social network · 3 days ago

TikTok begins testing links in bios · 3 days ago

Thursday 14 November

Microsoft’s xCloud preview now has 50 new games, more than Stadia’s launch list · 4 days ago

I'm the Google whistleblower. The medical data of millions of Americans is at risk · 4 days ago

Motorola Razr hands-on with the new foldable Android phone · 5 days ago

Fourteen years after launching 1Password takes a $200M Series A · 4 days ago

Instagram tests hiding Like counts globally · 4 days ago

Wednesday 13 November

Disney+ surpasses 10 million sign-ups since launch · 5 days ago

Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro is here and it has a good keyboard · 5 days ago

Google plans to offer checking accounts next year · 5 days ago

Mirantis acquires Docker Enterprise · 5 days ago

Facebook says a bug caused its iPhone app’s inadvertent camera access · 6 days ago

Tuesday 12 November

Elon Musk picks Berlin for Tesla’s Europe Gigafactory · 6 days ago

The Google Squeeze · 6 days ago

Disney will tolerate password sharing on Disney+ · 6 days ago

E-bikes are coming back to San Francisco after Lyft resolves issues with battery fires · 6 days ago

Facebook is secretly using your iPhone's camera as you scroll your feed · 6 days ago