Sunday 16 December

HQ Trivia and Vine co-founder Colin Kroll found dead of suspected overdose · 9 hours ago

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had a tough and terrible year · 10 hours ago

Tesla's utility-sized Megapack battery may debut in California · 24 hours ago

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Robinhood Backtracks on Savings Accounts After Regulatory Concerns · 10 hours ago

Saturday 15 December

Robinhood Will Retool Checking Product Following Scrutiny · 2 days ago

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Tech IPO outlook for 2019 · 1 day ago

22 predictions for social media in 2019 · 2 days ago

Tesla Megapack to debut at giant energy project in California · 1 day ago

Friday 14 December

Facebook bug exposed up to 6.8M users’ unposted photos to apps · 2 days ago

Porsche and BMW unveil EV charger that’s 3 times faster than Tesla’s · 2 days ago

Robinhood Checking Accounts May Not Be Insured, Says SPIC · 2 days ago

Amazon explored medical diagnostics, was in talks to buy Confer Health · 2 days ago

Qualcomm seeks broader China iPhone ban as Apple pushes software update · 2 days ago

Thursday 13 December

Robinhood launches no-fee checking/savings with Mastercard & the most ATMs · 3 days ago

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Where Does Bitcoin Go From Here? · 4 days ago

Apple is shutting down Apple Music’s rarely-used Connect feature · 3 days ago

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Wednesday 12 December

Viral history Twitter threads: 2018 was the year historians embraced the platform. · 5 days ago

Google relents and transfers to DuckDuckGo · 5 days ago

After losing half its value, Nvidia faces reckoning · 4 days ago

Lyft has eaten into Uber’s U.S. market share, new data suggests · 4 days ago

Employees at Amazon's New NYC Warehouse Launch Unionization Push · 5 days ago

Tuesday 11 December

Uber Is Said to Select Morgan Stanley to Lead 2019 IPO · 5 days ago

Verizon Writes Down $4.6 Billion of Value of AOL-Yahoo Business · 5 days ago

Instagram is testing Creator Accounts for high-profile influencers · 5 days ago

Leaked Audio Reveals Google’s Efforts to Woo Conservatives · 6 days ago

Digital Ocean launches its container service · 5 days ago

Monday 10 December

Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret · 7 days ago

Google will shut down Google+ four months early after second data leak · 6 days ago

How Uber will become an ad company, starting with Eats Pool · 6 days ago

Instagram launches walkie-talkie voice messaging · 6 days ago

Samsung angers hypebeasts by partnering with fake Supreme brand in China · 6 days ago